Ellwood City Arts and Crafts Festival 2017 Fireworks 

Ellwood City Arts and Crafts Festival 2017 fireworks

What is Copywriting?

My definition of Copywriting is any written word where the goal is for the reader to take some kind of action.

Every company uses copywriting. The text you see in brochures, websites, emails, catalogs, billboards, etc are all considered ‘copy’. Copy is EVERYWHERE! It is part of a $2.3 TRILLION industry worldwide.

The trouble comes when companies do not use their copywriting intentionally. Copywriting is often called ‘a salesperson in print’. You would never send a salesperson out without training. So why would you leave your copywriting to someone who has never done it?

There are many principles that should be in your copy to make sure you have the best chance to achieve your goal. Whether that goal is to sell a product, sell a service, opt-in to a funnel, download a resource, engage with your company, etc. a professional copywriter is essential to obtaining your goal.

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