Why You THINK You Are Not Good Enough

It is very exciting when you come across something that you really love.  Something that you have passion for.  Something that gets you excited when you wake up in the morning.  It is even more exciting when you get the opportunity to do that thing for a living.

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The problem for many people is they do not take the opportunity to do their passion for their career.  They do not take the opportunity because they believe they are not good enough.  There are many reasons why people do not think they are good enough.  Sometimes it is because that is what their peers have told them.  Parents and loved ones can deliver serious blows to your ego.  The possibilities could go on an on.

The issue that has hindered me the most in my life is comparing myself to the other people I see.  The fact is that when you really enjoy something you surround yourself with it.  Growing up I always loved playing soccer.  I still love playing soccer.  I also like watching soccer.  Now unless my kids are playing I do not stop at the local park and watch 8 year olds play soccer.  I watch the world cup, major league soccer, or college soccer.

When you love something, you surround yourself with the best of it.  People who like music listen to the top musicians.  People love to paint look at the paintings of the best painters in the world.  Chances are that you are comparing yourself to someone in the top 1% of your passion.  What you are forgetting is that you know more about your passion than most of the world.  You are better than the other 99%.

It is good to keep your eyes on the best.  It is good to know what the best are doing.  It is good to have goals that stretch you.  It is NOT good to allow your eyes on the best to paralyze you into doing nothing.

Now that you know you are good enough, what are the ways that you ARE good enough?

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