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Imitating our Leaders

Just like an oak tree will grow from another oak tree, so will we imitate the behaviors of our leaders.  That will include the bad points as well as the good points.  As a leader, I have to be intentional about how I lead others.  I need to make sure that I concentrate on doing things the right way, so that the people I lead will follow suit.

There are a lot of different kinds of leadership styles.  Some leaders are quiet, others are very vocal.  Some leaders listen to the people they are leading, while others do not think they need input.  All of the different methods come down to two paths:  Effective Leadership and Non-Effective Leadership.  I want to strive to be the effective leader.

There is another side to the coin as well.  Leaders, no matter how effective they are, are human.  They make mistakes.  They do things that they wish they had not done.  As a person being led, I too need to be intentional in the way I do things.  When a leader of mine makes mistakes, it is my responsibility to learn from their mistakes.  I do not want to use the excuse that I was just acting like my leader does.  I have to be separate the good habits and bad habits of my leaders.  I need to take the bad habits of those that lead me and change them into good habits for the people who I lead.  It is definitely not the easiest thing to do, but it is essential in the growth of my leadership abilities.


What are some bad habits of a leader you follow that you have been able to change into good habits for the people who follow you?

Addition to the Goal List

I read an interview with Seth Godin on the copyblogger site where Seth said that Opening doors for people who will open doors for people was his greatest success in life. I really hope to be able to say that someday. That will be on my goal list.

What is something that has been added to your goal list lately?

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