Your Greatest Asset

An asset is a useful and desirable thing or quality. Everyone will have a different view on what their greatest asset is.

Personality? Money? Time? Beauty? Health?

out of focus

The answers are endless.  Everyone has things about themselves that they like and value.  I am not going to say that those things are not important.  However, I believe that if you have this one asset, it will enhance all of your other assets.

The asset that I want to focus on in this writing is focus.  When a person does not focus, their world is limited.  They may be great at starting something, but can not finish.  If you do not finish things, what good are they?

I recently had a forced home remodel project.  I say forced, because I DID NOT WANT TO DO IT!  Unfortunately, there was water leaking, and unless I wanted a whole lot of other problems, I had to do something.  So, I started.  Slowly.  First, I just ripped out the tile flooring, but under that tile, was more tile.  After I got done to the wood subfloor, I realized that particle board had been used, and it was destroyed.  So I went a little deeper.  Before you know it, all that was left in my little bathroom was drywall and subfloor.  After a week or so off, I began to rebuild.  Let me tell you this, the bathroom looks 100% better now!  The only issues are:  1)the water supply line to the toilet was too short, so it is not getting any water and 2) the sink drain is not attached to the wall drain, so I am not able turn on the sink.

I have definitely lacked focus on the finishing of this project.  So what good is my bathroom?  Much to the disappointment of my wife, it is NO GOOD.

Here are a couple of ways to help the focus in your life:

  • Set a timetable for completion.  If there were out of town guests coming into town that needed to use that restroom last week, I can guarantee I would have finished that project.  If I would have had a date set to make sure that I finished by a certain day, I would have found the focus to get the job done.  So, by next Monday, I will have the bathroom functional!
  • Set a date and time to do the work.  In my defense, I did set one day aside to work on the project.  I did know that I would not have enough time in that day, so I should have set at least one other day.  So, this Sunday afternoon, I will work on the bathroom!

It is amazing how much more beautiful our world can be, with a little focus.

in focus

  • My asset is the ability to replace I and me with ‘a friend of mine’ when telling stories that have a lesson. Everyone probably knows it’s me but there is that little sliver of doubt that maybe it really wasn’t me.

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