Diversifying My Content

I have long tried to keep the content on this blog to certain areas of my life.  Everyone says niche down as specific as you can.  As a matter of fact, I have said that myself.  However, I have changed my mind.  From now on all the content I write, videos I make, and audio I record will be published to this website.  I have been working on a video to explain basic Snapchat functions, I have a bunch of carpet cleaning posts, and lots of marketing material that will be coming soon.  If none of that interests you, send me an email to tell me what might interest you (maybe I’ll write on that too)…

I recently heard Seth Godin say that everyone should blog everyday.  One of the biggest reasons why is because it causes you to live intentionally (which is a buzz word for my life these days).  If you know that you have to publish something today, you will be more aware of the things happening around you.  You will be more mindful of lessons that you can learn from everyday life.

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