Defining Who You Are Not

The world we live in tries very hard to define who a person is. It tries to put you in a box. Certainly it is beneficial for a person to operate in their strengths, but I can never grow by staying in my box. I want to clearly define somethings that you are not in this post. Defining who you are without limits is up to you. Take off the mask that is covering your true self.
You are not afraid. Fear is a natural reaction. It is natural to feel fear. Fear, however, is not who you are. You are not afraid, any more than you are a broken finger. You may have a broken finger, but you are not the broken finger. You may be experiencing fear, but you are not afraid. You can beat it. How do you conquer fear?
  1. Acknowledge it for what it is. Fear is a state of being that can be overcome. Admit that you have fear regarding the situation that is affecting you.
  2. Break the fear down. What is the worst possible thing that can happen as a result of your fear. Many times just stating what the worst thing that can happen as a result will get you to realize that the worst is not that bad. On the flip side, what is the best thing that can happen as a result of overcoming your fear. If realizing the worst thing is not that bad does not work, seeing the best far exceeds the worst will convince you.
  3. Believe you can overcome your fear. Have faith that you are stronger than the fear you are experiencing. Know that the fear you are experiencing is temporary and can be overcome.
  4. Overcome. Easier said than done, I know. Face your fear head on, and overcome it!
You are not a failure. Failure can be devastating if you let it consume you. If you accept that you are a failure it will make you stop. Instead, make the decision to say that the failure you experienced is temporary, stand back up, and restart the work.
You are not a fraud. Being called a fraud or fake is one of the biggest things that has kept me from stretching myself in all the areas of my life. Something in my head tells me that I am not old enough, smart enough, or have enough experience to do what I want to do. I am making a conscious decision to tell myself that none of that matters. I do not need permission from anyone except myself to step out of my comfort zone. Believing the voice in your head is believing that you are a fraud. The voice in your head is not yours and is not correct.
You are not your creation. The things that you create should not define you. You should be defined as a creator, not the thing that you create. Moving to the goals that you have requires constant creation. If you let the art you have created in the past define you, even if they are GREAT creations, you will get stuck living in the past. There is a reason the rear view mirror is so small.
What are some things that you are NOT that you struggle with?
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